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Needles for felting

We have really high-quality needles for dry felting, as we have chosen the best manufacturers in this industry for a long time. It is very easy to distinguish good needles from cheap imitations - they are manufactured using cheap equipment and do not follow the technology of metal quenching, which is why the needles are either dulled quickly because they have soft incisions or break easily because of the crooked metal. Needles - a tool for individual use (similar to a medical tool) can not be exchanged and returned, so carefully read the description for their application, because the needles for dry felting are of different thickness and structure, from 36 numbers (initial - rough needles) and up to 42 numbers ultra-thin for a smooth finish in dry felting) We offer felting needles from the best manufacturers in Germany and the USA, the best in price / quality ratio.
There are needles for dry felting wholesale for shops and masters.