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Chocolate 0412

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We offer you a novelty - SUPERWASH PASTLE yarn from 100% wool for hand knitting.
By itself, this wool does not roll as the wool undergoes special processing, in the Superwash wool, small external scales are removed and the thread is covered with special resins. And after such procedures, the wool becomes less willful, scales lose their ability to cling to each other.
In wet felting, a superwash is used to give ordinary merino a beautiful texture when mixed with this specially treated wool. For example, in the author's technique of Katerina Korshun "Silk astrakhan."
Also this wool is used in spinning, so that the wool does not roll into the pellets.
High-quality, soft, super bulk yarn for stylish accessories and interior solutions! Due to the special treatment, such yarn is resistant to mechanical stress, which prevents the formation of pellets, makes it possible to wash, ensures the stability of the fabric, prevents its shrinkage. At the same time, all the advantages and characteristics of the original wool raw materials remain unchanged. The yarn is presented by a wide color palette and will allow you to realize any ideas! It can be knitted with knitting needles and hooks from No. 20 and above, as well as directly with the hands, without using tools. Just a few tens of minutes and new clothes ready! The yarn perfectly will be suitable for performance: snood, scarfs, caps, rugs, plaids, padded stools, baskets, bags.
Yarn consumption depends on the knitting method and the size of the desired product. For example, one skein is enough to make a hat and sleep, if you knit them with your hands, with a pattern imitating the stocking surface. A square kilogram or blanket requires 1 kilogram (2 skeins) of yarn.

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