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SKU K200525

Carded wool (carded, woolen cotton wool).
Tonine is 27 microns. The main difference of this wool from other types of wool for felting is a light, tight mating and a smooth surface when stuck. The variety of shades gives freedom of imagination and the possibility of drawing with wool while making paintings and panels made of wool. You can easily make a "watercolor" drawing wool on your felted products. Wool is good, both in wet and dry felting. Wet way it is especially suitable for making bags, slippers, boots, belts, jewelry, interior items. Dry way (using a needle) from it is easily obtained: jewelry, panels and toys. This coat is suitable for beginners to master the technique (it does not have to be pulled out of the tops, cut off), it is simply plucked, while it is easy to guess the volume of the desired amount of wool for your product. It is easy to make sculptural works from it, when grinding with a finishing needle No. 40 or N 42, punctures from the needle become practically invisible. Bijouterie from such a wool is not distinguished by a "shaggy" surface, but by smoothness. Many shades allow creating unique ornaments and flowers. The dignity of this wool is appreciated by many craftsmen who buy New Zealand carded wool in our online store.

There are wholesale offers for shops and masters - a choice of weight at a wholesale price of 500 grams

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