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Indian red

SKU ACBG2152425

The carded wool is produced by Ecohobby factory from high quality Australian raw materials.

Australian carding of this factory has no analogues on the market, as it is produced by special technology of repeated combing (usual carding, even ultrathin, is wool wool, combed once and therefore contains a certain amount of impurities and hairs of different lengths in it).

Carding cloth is ideally clean with the same long wool hair in the entire canvas (hair length not less than 6 cm) and, most importantly, multi-layered. That is, when the layout, you do not need to tear the card into pieces and lay out the product pieces. You separate the layer of thickness you need from the carding and spread it onto the product as a whole, which saves you time and effort and gives you a very smooth, high-quality felt!

It is fast and convenient to work with such carding; there is no guard hair; wool does not “climb” during wet felting (this problem occurs when there are many short hairs in the carding).

Eco-hobby Australian carding is ideal for both wet and dry felting, interacts well with all natural materials and fabrics.

Purpose: felting clothes, hats, shoes, accessories, etc.

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