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Viscose in the rings (viscose in the clouds). Soft, glossy viscose creates unique effects in felting, thanks to which has earned thousands of fans around the world.
Differences viscose in the rings (pomes) from viscose in the tape are as follows:
1) this viscose is much more tender and thinner, 12-15 micron
2) a thread in a ring of uniform length, cutting a ring, you will receive a sheaf of threads with the same length each. (In viscose in tops, the length of the thread is 5-6 cm and the filaments are lapped on each other, forming a tape). Due to this quality, viscose is used not only in wet felting, but also puppeteers for doll hair.
3) Viscose in pamphlets is convenient and quick to lay out. It is only necessary to cut the ring and then the viscose accordion stretches, covering a large area in one motion.
4) Viscose in the pamas gives a curly, wavy effect on the coat, which you can not achieve using viscose in the ribbon.
5) the leading felting masters like to use viscose in the pamphlets to create viscose paper, from which they later carve out various shapes and lay them on the wool.
Felt, evenly coated with viscose fiber, is less prone to forming pellets and stretching. Viscose has a silky shine and smoothness in felted form.
Viscose is sold in the rain, which must be cut before use.
By itself, viscose does not fall down.

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We are the official dealers of the Italian factory "DHG"
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