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Rubel-shaped iron with inclined handle


Rubel-shaped iron with inclined handle
Size: 18x5 cm
Material: wood (birch).
Processed several times with boiling oil.
A small, optimal size and round shape iron with an inclined handle allows you to work inside any product and outside along the last.
A deep aggressive cutting will allow you to work out in thickness and qualitatively shrink a stable product, smooth out folds and irregularities, work out bends and edges, areas of the soles, without making any special efforts. Correct organometric inclination of the handle and deep teeth facilitate the load on the hands when crushing with circular and wiping movements.
Work on stable felt in a package.
If the product has multi-colored layers and their mixing is not provided, work only in a package !!! Its absence will lead to the penetration of the inner layer of wool outward and the formation of increased fluffiness of the product. It is necessary to periodically shave off excess pile, this will facilitate the work with the product.
If fibers and fabrics were used in the layout, do not use an iron at all until all layers are stabilized, this will lead to a violation of the layout and pulling out the fibers. Smaller
Care instructions: Dry the instrument after use. Do not dry on heating devices and batteries.

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