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Yarn for large knitting

A thick yarn for knitting with large knitting needles or hands.
100% merino wool is factory-dyed.
There is a choice of yarn for her tenderness:
16 microns for knitting hats and plaids for babies
18 microns for knitting snuffs, hats, cardigans, tokens, blankets.
22-24 microns inexpensive Ukrainian yarn for knitting large plaque projects, coats, cardigans, snacks, interior items.
Consumption of yarn for large knitting:
a cap - 200 - 300 grams, a snud - 300 grams, a scarf - 400 - 600 grams, a short waistcoat - 700 grams, a short cardigan with sleeves 3/4 - 1.3 kg, a long-sleeved sweater 2 kg, a cardigan with long sleeves - 2.5-2.7 kg
Consumption of yarn for blankets ::
 1 kg can be knitted canvas 60X60 cm. (Calculations are given for knitting with the front face, knitting with garter stitching may increase the consumption)
Plaid for newborns 70x100 cm - 2 kg (12 loops)
Children's plaid 90x130 cm - 2 kg (14 loops)
Plaid for the chair 120x170 cm - 3.8 kg (15 loops)
Double plaid 200x200 cm - 6 kg (24 loops)