High-quality and very economical dye Eurolana (produced in England) is this professional dye for wool and fabric we chose for our store.
Why do many masters use and recommend the Eurolana paint:

1) Consumption: 10 g of dye is calculated per 1000 g of dry materials !!!
2) A variety of shades of Eurolana Dyes can be mixed to create a range of colors.
3) The quality of Euralon meets the requirements of the EU and meets the Oeko-Tex 100 standard
4) Professional dye which is used for dyeing in a factory in England, and this guarantees durability and durability of the painted shades.
5) The best price / quality ratio.

Instructions for painting:

For work you will need: a container in which to paint, a mixer made of wood, aluminum or steel, rubber gloves, detergent, vinegar.
Before the beginning of dyeing, lower the materials into the water with detergent for 10 minutes and rinse under running water.
Pour water into the container to cover the materials to be painted and warm to a warm state
In a separate small container, dilute the dye powder in a small amount of water until completely dissolved.
 The amount of dye per wool weight: up to 0.5% - light shades, 0.5% to 1.5% - medium shades, 1.5% - dark and bright shades
 Pour the dye solution into the dye tank. Add the vinegar for 100g of material 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
Put the capacity on a slow fire and stirring to lower the materials in it, so that the colorant is distributed evenly.
Put a container of paint on the gas, put the wool in it, stir slowly.
Slowly raise the temperature, and bring to a boil, sometimes stirring to promote staining.
Boil for 30-40 minutes depending on the shade.
If the liquid in the container remains colored, add a small amount of vinegar to promote clarification.
Turn off the heat and leave until completely cooled.
Rinse the materials in warm water, then rinse in cool water and dry.