With the active development of the Internet, every day more and more attention is being paid to e-commerce. This type of sale of goods has tremendous success among the population, because due to the fast pace of life and tight graphics, many people are less likely to visit outlets. And therefore they come to the aid of online stores that are available at any time of the day or night, which open up unlimited possibilities for shopping. The Internet gives us the opportunity to buy goods at the best prices at the most optimal prices by comparing prices in various online stores.

However, in the network, along with well-known and successful projects, there are many cheaters and scammers. An online store can be created by any schoolchild, and on trading floors and bulletin boards for fraudsters and one-day firms, it's just a expanse. Consequently, we definitely never know whether a store exists in reality or not, and it is quite difficult for many inexperienced users to verify this. That is why we decided to write this article, so that it would be easier for you to navigate in the information windows of online stores.

And so, pay attention to the following factors:

1. Website

The site is the face of the company and it is often possible to determine from it how long the store has been operating in the market, how well things are going and whether the owners are serious about their customers. A well-made website tells us about investing time and money in it, and this indicates reliability. But you should not lose vigilance from the beautiful pictures and oaths in exceptional decency. Also, do not forget that the site must necessarily be: describes the methods of payment and attend information about the possibilities of delivery. And more: information about the conditions of return of goods, description of the goods and the availability of photos of the product. Is there a system of cumulative discounts (this shows that they want to do business with you for a long time, and not just once).

2. Quality and detail

The only thing we can rely on when choosing a product on the site is the photos and description. It is important that the image was of high quality. This product is shown from different angles and there was a possibility of approaching to consider the details. Also, if it is clothing, the description, composition of fabrics or technologies used for manufacturing should be present. Carefully consider the tags, rivets, buttons, stripes, embroidery, and more. Almost all original and branded items have a logo or the name of the manufacturer on these elements. When choosing shoes and clothing undoubted advantage will be the presence of dimensional mesh. Photos taken by the online store or photos from the manufacturer's website should be of very good quality, not amateur, but professional.

3. Customer Reviews

Another one of the important points is customer reviews. As a rule, most of the stores provide an opportunity for their customers to leave feedback on their work. But this moment is also very ambiguous, it should be remembered that the reviews can be fake. Therefore, you need to pay attention - the company collects reviews on its own or uses an independent platform to collect them. Often studying reviews on the store's website, we are quite skeptical of them, especially if they are all enthusiastically positive. In order to get a real picture, we recommend studying reviews on various forums, Google search engine provides reviews on websites, Facebook and Instagram social networks.

4. Social networks

As a rule, today, few which large online store has a page on social networks. Owners of online stores often try to rivet the attention of their audience to the product being sold as much as possible and create pages in popular social networks corresponding to its interests. It is worth remembering that the page should be “live”, which means that the online store pays due attention to communication with potential buyers. Links to official pages, usually located at the bottom of the site on the main page and on these pages also must be a back link to the site. Usually the address of the page in social networks has the name of the store itself.

5. Availability of office and retail space

The most important thing in the company is the office. With a normal legal address (and which is not an apartment). And this is a completely unambiguous criterion - any real company has it, and the real company does not hide this information. And vice versa - if there is no office, and communication by e-mail or telephone is offered, then this is an extremely alarming factor.

We recommend that you first call the manager of the online store, and check with him something (ask a few questions about the product of interest to you). If this fails (there are no contacts, the phones are chronically unresponsive, or a “parrot” answers and sits there with the answer to all the questions “Look at the site, everything is there, I won’t say anything more”) - the online store is removed from consideration as unreliable .
If there is a connection, then the second question follows: “And you can be approached (any reason: to pay for the goods locally, to clarify something of its characteristics, to look at the place, to measure, to touch, etc.)? And then it often turns out that he is answered by a hiring operator who does not know the coordinates of the office and sometimes has often not seen his employer in the eyes.
So, the general conclusion: before buying any product in the online store, it is definitely worth knowing if the store has a real office and whether it exists in nature (as it’s easy to indicate the address on the site).

6. Official Dealer
The most reliable and proven method for determining the authenticity of an online store is links to the sites of factories manufacturers of goods. Very often online stores write and put on their pages information that they are official dealers of manufacturers' companies and to quickly check such information you just need to go to the site of the factory or factory of the manufacturer and see who their dealers are (check the address of the dealer and his contact data).

7. P.S.

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